THINKIN STUDIO is a studio of Industrial Design Engineering. Its goal is to combine creativity, development, innovation and accessibility to satisfy the necessities of every person keeping in mind the economic, ecologic, production and aesthetic aspects.

The engineer of industrial design and product development explains and serves to that human necessities that can be covered giving form to products and services. The function of these products and services is to help the person in his/her best pleasure of the environment that he/she creates. The engineer in industrial design works planning products and services, by him/herself or in a team, in which his/her responsability is to determine integrated forms within the components of the service, coordination the technical, manufacuring, distribution and human demands. In addition, the engineer in industrial design and product development is "the arquitect of the object".
(adaptation from André Ricard)

THINKIN STUDIO offers a service of ideation, generation and consultancy of projects related with any kind of product and service focused on the user. To provide this service as better as possible we keep in mind several aspects as:

  • Usability and ergonomics: the product or service has to be as much user-friendly as possible.
  • Economics: we want the product or service to have the right price according to its real cost and its quality.
  • Eco-friendliness: in the design process we will try to damage as less as possible our enviornment. 
  • Production: a process that avoids innecessary costs will be designed.
  • Aesthetics: the product or service has to attract the user.