The origin of THINKIN STUDIO arises from the spirit to create and innovate products designed to improve the quality of life from a young Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer and Master in Biomedical Engineering, Clàudia Jorge Luján (Manresa, 1990) . The experience in foreign countries of this young entrepreneur, comforts her vision about the importance of the industrial design engineer for the success of the products, as it happens in the most advanced countries of Europe, where it is one of the best qualified professions. In addition, her studies in Biomedical Engineering , give an added value to the design for all philosophy.

The project began in May 2014, and during the summer of this year the work space was created. In October, THINKIN STUDIO is presented and accepted by the program for young entrepreneurs from Fundación Telefónica, Think Big, as one of the best social projects for the effort to improve the people's quality of life through industrial design. As a result, on November 28th and 29th, THINKIN STUDIO disclosed in Valencia, where Clàudia Jorge gave a lecture on "Design and Health for All " in the Space of Creation and Innovation Las Naves de Valencia, in which she achieved great success.